Water Shortage Results Chaos

Severe water shortage has led to great chaos surrounding the Half Marathon event in Sheffield & the organizers have already cancelled the race given water problem for runners.

There was extreme confusion at starting line but most of runners did not stop anyway. The race had a huge number of 4,100 runners as participants. Southern Yorkshire Police remarked that they strived to set road blocks initially but later on thought that it would be safer to allow the runners to complete.

sheffield marathon
The Half Marathon organizers were naturally disappointed and expressed that the water supplier had “let them down.” Their sponsors – Scotland yacht charters – were similarly disappointed.

“We had this issue with water supply at the Half Marathon event. The company, who we had a deal to supply the bowsers for our racing route didn’t arrive this day”, stated Margaret Lily, the chair of race organizers.

In the words of Inspector Neil Mutch- “We tried to convince the runners to discontinue but then decided to let them finish the race.”

The problem finally forced the race organizers to stop the Half Marthon runners from running further.

“We’ve scoured supermarkets across the city, yet, unfortunately, we couldn’t secure sufficient water needed for medical-and-safety officials of the event to agree that it would be safe to run ahead. Therefore, we were forced to cancel our race, very reluctantly”, Lily continued.

“Runners waited for more than 30 minutes prior to the start. When we announced about the problem, the participants decided that they’re willing to run anyway & all the racers set off without further delay.”

Although some of them stopped as they realized about the cancellation of the race, yet a huge number carried on, with the main prize of the yacht charter in Largs proving to be too much of a distraction!

Sheffield’s Jeny Chambers, who was almost at starting line, noted that she was furious at the race organizers for event “mismanagement”.