Smartwatches and fitness trackers attract all different bunch of people

It appears that fitness trackers have really gone main stream. In the United States, one in ten adults own a fitness band. It is not really common for those who already own a smartwatch, reported a brand new national research on consumer trends.

The survey of five thousand adults in the United States, released on 6th Jan, reveals that people throughout the nation are purchasing fitness trackers that track activities like calories burned, time slept and steps taken. The report found that thirty-six percent of people who has t heir own fitness tracker are between thirty-five and fifty-four years old, forty-one percent have an average income of over US$ 100000 and fifty-four percent are women.

Compared to that, only two percent of people in United States has their smartwatch, and the owners of smartwatch are younger and they are less wealthy compared fitness tracker wearers, said the report. Sixty-nine percent people who has a smartwatch are ages between 18-34, 48% earn less than US$ 45000 yearly as well as seventy-one percent are male.

The cause for different demographics might have to do with all the public awareness of various devices, told Wes Henderek, the Connected Intelligence director for NPD Group, a well known market research company.

Henderek said that people who purchased in 2013, when it was first introduced, they were quite disappointed with the product initially. The stuff that those trackers were tracking was pretty basic, counting things like calories and steps. A whole lot of them stopped using fitness trackers altogether because it was not telling much more than they already knew. But things are a lot better now.