Healthy Pregnancy Diet- 3 of 3 Stay Fit While Pregnant

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  • By anglosaxonqueen, December 7, 2013 @ 1:55 am

    Thanks for this. I find it difficult now while pregnant. Before I was
    training and eating clean but since the pregnancy I can’t even look at
    Chicken breasts when I go into the meat aisle/deli. I am also trying to
    find a weight training program for pregnant women but have had no success.
    I am right now just doing some weights at home and trying to do some cardio
    when I can but I miss the gym and feel I just need to get back. Any
    suggestions in terms of where I can look for more programs examples?

    Also I understand the lack of protein in the morning. I have only recently
    been able to eat eggs again and that is what I am going for because it’s
    the only thing I can handle.

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